The Journey To A Better You Starts With A Mirror Not A Scale

Too often people use a scale to determine whether they are healthy or not.  Truth be told the scale is not an indicator of your health level.  That number you are obsessing over, more often than not, is just that…a number.  Instead of looking down, look up and into the mirror to judge how healthy you are.

The definition of healthy should go beyond what foods you eat.  It should include how often do you exercise, what kind of people are you surrounding yourself with, your job and your hobbies and pass times.  Are you starting to see a clearer picture of health?  It goes deeper than pounds and inches, it is about finding your true self.  It is about looking in the mirror and liking who and what is looking back at you.  If you are happy with you, your job, your hobbies and are surrounded by positive supportive people everything can and will fall into place.

You spend plenty of time taking care of family, friends, making the boss or co-workers happy, it is time to focus on you.  Give yourself a four week challenge to eat better (try avoiding or at least cutting down sugar, grains and dairy), get more exercise in and evaluate who around you are the positive inlfuences and spend more time with them.  Take more time for yourself and make sure there is at least two hours in the day dedicated to you.  The first can be for some exercise while the other can be of the more relaxing variety like curling up with a good book, taking a nature walk or just relaxing with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

The more you take care of yourself, the better you will be able to care for and influence those around you.  When we focus on oursleves a bit and watch what we eat, exercise our bodies properly and enjoy life and the company we keep does that number on the scale really matter.  If your clothes fit a bit better, your enjoying the new foods to get there, your overall mood has been better and you cannot wait to see what a few more weeks or months of this will do for you…does it really matter what that number on the scale is?  NO.

Focus on the journey and not that number and you will get to that ideal you that you may have been chasing for a while now.  The word YOU is used a lot here for a very specific reason…this all starts and finishes with YOU!  YOU are worth it, YOU can do it!

Be Great!

Dan Allaire


Hey Coach! How About Less Injuries and More Wins For Your Team…Let`s Talk Strength Training

Winning teams in any league comes down to the same things no matter the level or age group.  Skill + Strength + Chemistry (team work) + Least amount of injuries.

The strongest team always wins since they can stay healthy and learn how to work together for an extended period of time.  A strong healthy player is less likely to be injured.

How is your team`s off ice or off field or off court training system…does it simply involve more conditioning or do you help your player develop the strength necessary to get to the next level.  A lot of teams do `dry land`training all wrong and run their athletes into the ground.  Athletes should be lifting and working on overall strength to compliment the skill and conditioning they get through regular team practices and games.  Another problem is that many so-called pre season strength camps run for 4-8 weeks and are done.  If you want to be the best at your given sport whether it be individual or team oriented you need to train 12 months a year.

Let`s focus on the injuries for a moment…if your athletes are weak and cardioed to death in practice and show up for a game in a weakened state they are being set up to get hurt with a groin pull, knee sprain or some type of avoidable shoulder injury.  The stronger players who have worked on strength and putting on a bit more muscle can come away from those closed calls injury free thanks to their bodies being more resistant.  I`m not referring to injuries where a player falls on someone leg or a wicked slash to the forearm, just heat of the action movement type injuries.  At the high school or college level the need for this is greater since most of the day these athletes are sitting in class not moving, then all of a sudden they are going balls out at practice or a game…not the ideal pregame prep.

Where do the extra wins come from then…well, if the team stays healthy they can play and practice together all year-long rather than have some missing puzzle pieces during the year.  Also, adding strength to any athletes improves his or her confidence level and that translates into performance in their chosen sport.  A team working out together at the gym to build overall team confidence and that team chemistry all coaches look for will grow as the athletes continue to work together at the gym and celebrate each others successes.  They will realize as everyone gets stronger, they as a group, get stronger.

To have all of this success requires the proper supervision and programming from a certified strength coach or trainer.  It`s not just hit the gym and lift…there are proven methods and specific lifts that will benefit some sports more than others.  It`s organized and goal oriented. Not a bunch of teens going in to try to see who can bench more.  It needs focus.

Caveman Strong has such a program in place for teams willing to come in and get their team to the next level.  Each athlete receives a $125 value for just $32 each month which includes one full team workout and 2 passes for the rest of the week to come in on their own and do some homework.  If you are interested in having your team come in give me a shout 613.360.7373 or email me at .

I am also accepting small groups of up to football players who want to start preparing for next season now to play at  a higher level, reduce the risk of injury or simply crush the opposition.  Those rates can be discussed with me at the same contact info. 

Be Great!

Dan Allaire

Caveman Strong 2 Week Meal Plan and Grocery List

For those of you who read this blog and want more info and help towards a Paleo lifestyle, Caveman Strong has come up with a quick and easy plan to get started.  Check it out.

A New Beginning

Your New Healthier Lifestyle Begins With A Solid Foundation

I know there are many of you out there who want to start eating better, who want to start exercising regularly, who dream of a leaner, stronger body.  It can all be done with the proper focus and determination along with the right guidance and group surrounding you making some of those tougher days a bit easier.  I have never once even suggested a lifestyle change it easy, it`s not, it takes work, sacrifice discipline and a good support network.  Now is the time to stop thinking about it and take action, YOU are worth it, YOU deserve it, YOU are ready and YOU can and WILL do it.

Enter the Caveman Strong Foundation program for beginners.  This 4 week 12 session package tackles everything the beginner needs when entering the cave (gym).  The program is designed to test you from day one and track your progress over the 4 week period so you can see and feel the results.  The Foundation program covers all the bases with explicit detail on technique for all squat variations (body weight, goblet, split, back, front, overhead) as well as many other movements.  It also covers the basics of the Paleo diet to get you on your way to better eating habits.  A new feature will be some mobility work to help you move properly as well as make people more flexible and functional and moving the way they were designed to move.  The mobility side of things can help reduce or eliminate lower back pain, knee pain and other small aches and restrictions.

I look forward to working with you and getting you on route to the health and fitness you`ve been thinking about.  The important part is remembering to enjoy the journey.  Don`t forget how long it took to get you in your current condition and be prepared to work for 4 weeks and beyond to get to that end goal.  This 4 week program is the foundation to the new healthier lifestyle and it can start right now.  Park the excuses at the door and jump right in…you`ll be glad you did.

Here are a few testimonials from previous Foundation grads:

“The coaches are all encouraging and helpful, a big reason why I have stuck with it following the Foundation program and continue to grow at it.
Kevin Hargreaves

“Had it not been for the Foundation class, I wouldn’t have joined Caveman Strong. I would have been way too intimidated. I had no experience doing anything that they do. I was out of shape. The Foundation program gave me confidence I needed to feel I could participate in regular classes. It’s a great way to kick start your new life, change your lifestyle and become a better you.”
Anne Marie Cote

“The Foundation program was tough and fun and I looked forward to it each night. The cost of the program in relation to how much healthier I am now compared to when I took Foundation is priceless.
Darcy Aitkins

“One word to describe Caveman Strong Foundation would be – transforming. The program allows you to develop skills, sort out your weaknesses and strengths and builds confidence. The coaches take the time to teach the proper techniques and notice the slightest changes in lifts, squats and speed and are always pushing you towards progress.”
Vanessa Regnier
See you all at the gym.

Be Great!


Blog Break During Fitness Focus: October Summary

It came to my attention over the weekend that I had not blogged even once in October.  People who come here regularly know I ama minimum once a week blogger.  My excuse is weak however I believe it to be valid.  My last post saw me launch a personal paleo challenge and this past weekend marked the end with my birthday weekend getaway in Mont Tremblant.  I still need to get measured but I lost a total of 15lbs since late September and feel great.  As I sit here today I am back on the paleo train and plan on staying on with one treat meal per week with no end date.  My goal is to make this the final blog post about how I feel so good and energetic when I eat clean and regret falling to 80-20 or 70-30.  I am still chasing the ultimate goal and the blips need to end. 

On the weekend, we were in Tremblant with 3 other couples for a getaway and on Saturday morning we hiked for a little over 2 hours on Mont Tremblant.  I am pleased to say on my 38th birthday I was able to walk up a mountain and dredge through some crappy terrain with relative ease.  I was breathing heavy a few times but the body held up fine and all the strength work in the gym paid off with little to no soreness afterwards.  I am bringing out an old statement here but I will have done more between the age of 35 and 50 than 20 and 35.  I would have NEVER agreed to a hiking trip on my 25th birthday…sad I know.


I spent a day at Carleton Place High School teaching olympic lifting and seeing the interest and effort from the close to 75 students I saw that day was more than energizing as a coach.  My hat is off to coach-teacher Brian Dickie who has developed one hell a program out there which should be replicated across the province and country.  Nice work coach!

I continue to accept private clients.  My schedule becomes a bit more flexible in November so if you are interested in seeing what I can do for you call or email me and we can set up a free consultation.  613.360.7373… .  Testimonials from current clients coming soon.

I am also helping finalize the Caveman Strong school program.  This week I will be contacting local schools to try to get them on the strength training bandwagon and help the students gain more than just better health and strength but self-confidence and belief as well as an increased focus level for their studies.  Interested teachers feel free to contact me if it takes me a while to get to you.

That`s my quick hit for October and I will definitely be more active here moving forward.  Thanks for sticking it out and I hope to see you at the gym.

I leave you with a great pic and saying Céline found on the web…let it sink in….

Be Great!


Good Intentions, Not Good Enough

I have lost count how many times someone says to me “I’d love to go to the gym but…”.  There are many endings to that story and frankly 97% of them are weak.  Going to the gym to ensure you are in the best shape possible is a commitment and not just words.  You actually have to go and perform a workout and not just talk about it.  It needs to become a priority in your already super charged schedule.

If you REALLY want to get into shape you make time in your schedule (it can take less than one hour) to hit the gym and get some solid work in.  The next step is making better food choices more than 80% of the week/month.  Too many times people work their butts off at the gym then wonder why they are not seeing/feeling results because they have not make the full commitment to both physical training AND better eating habits.  Trust me, in the early days when I used to visit Tyler in his garage gym and work super hard I used to have that “I’ll work it off…” or “I’ve earned it” mentality when it comes to eating garbage.  You cannot outwork bad eating habits, PERIOD.

They say it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit so if you have getting to the gym on your wish list for fall, make it happen today.  You’re an organized person and I’m sure you can schedule that hour in if you really want it.  Make sure to add better food choices to the mix and your everyday will get better before you know it.

It’s as much mental as it is physical.  On the days when you’d rather not “just show up” just go!  I recently posted on the “Just Show Up” advice so feel free to scroll down, its great advice.

Time to turn those good intentions into action, otherwise I don’t want to hear you want to join the gym but blah, blah, blah.  You want to feel better, look better, well you know how to do it if you follow this blog since this is not my first post on this topic.

How does that saying go? Put up or shut up.

Be Great!