Crossfit Wins an Award!!!!!!

First off I want to congratulate Tyler Touchette for winning Entrepreneur of the Year from the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.  Tyler will also quickly acknowledge how instrumental trainer Kyle Pichie was to Cornwall Crossfit’s success.  I was honoured to accept the award on Tyler’s behalf since he was in Ohio getting a new certification with power lifting guru Louie Simmons.  Congrats guys and I am proud to be part of this great community.

This is me giving the acceptance speech on behalf of Tyler and Kyle.

I went to the 6am workout this morning which was front squat max.  It started well with a 1 pound loss on the scale (new weight 283lbs) then ended in frustration when I failed to PR after so looking forward to cracking 300lbs…I did 275 with relative ease…so I thought…when I loaded 300 even I got down but not back up.  I know I have it in me and will get it next time.  I need to focus on the positives since the past several weeks have been good to me on the overall health side.  Missing a PR is frustrating but not the end of the world, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was super frustrated for about 30 minutes after the failed attempt but was able to move on from there, it was a long ride home after the workout.

Back to the award.  It seemed to spark a lot of interest afterwards with countless people asking me why we consider it a community and not just another gym.  I also got some requests from people for more information and a friend asked me to go for lunch to explain more about it.  The momentum is building and people are realizing something special is happening to everyone who brave the confines of Cornwall Crossfit.

Me, The Jezmonster with our hot dates at the Chamber awards gala with the Crossfit award

Quick story…I ran into a friend last week who asked my how many pounds I had lost since joining forces with Tyler, the answer then was 61 and today it’s 62.  BUT in true Crossfit form I then proceeded to tell her it is more than just weight loss, I feel better, have more energy and have never felt stronger in my life…then the coolest thing happened…the woman with her, who had no idea who I was and has never met me in her life, looked me straight in the eyes and said “You must go to Crossfit”, then the clouds parted and lights shined down from the heavens and a choir of Angels began to sing….sorry back to reality… how awesome is that when a brief rant on how good, strong and energetic I feel leads someone right to assuming I am a Crossfit member!! 

Be Great!



My First Prescribed Fran!!!!

The alarm went off and I stay in bed until 5:50am for my 6am workout and thought I should just skip today, then I remembered it was FRAN a benchmark Crossfit workout.  I can now do unassisted pullups after battling for 2 years plus so naturally I wanted to see what my FRAN time is.  Admitedly I got there a bit late but did a short stretch and got to work….21-15-9 thrusters and pullups later my time was 9:20!  I broke 10 freakin’ minutes!!!!  I will be walking on clouds all day.  Here is a FRAN workout for those who cannot visualize it.  Way faster than me but you’ll get the picture.  Oh ya….BOOYACHAKA!

Outdoor Crossfit WOD at Lamoureux Park February 14, 2010

We got some funny looks from some folks but it was a good time.  I love the Cornwall Crossfit Community.

The Lightest I’ve Been In Over 2 Years!

February 15 at 3:39pm

Hi all,

All this hard work is paying off and after stepping on the scale today this is the lightest I have been in over 2 years or since I met Tyler and started training 3 days a week in his garage. The scale looked up at me and smiled today with 284lbs showing. For those of you keeping score at home that’s 5 pounds down from last week’s 289lbs. I have graduated another belt loop and feel awesome. I started at 345lbs and am down 61 pounds in just over 2 years! My WODs are feeling good and my overall energy levels are sky high.

I posted a video of a speach by Jay Oliver which to me is the core of why I am doing what I am doing. Please watch it, it will open your eyes to how to keep you and your family healthy.

I often have people, including my wife say, “You can’t eat like this forever”…WRONG! I can eat like this forever and will. Sure once I reach my goal I will allow treats on weekend and special events but the core of this lifestyle will and needs to remain or I become the old me again who was on the fast track to heart attack! NO THANKS. These entries, my workouts, my eating habits are for life.

I was locking up the gym last week after a workout and I was alone in there. I stopped in the middle of the place and felt at home. In a place where I am comfortable, anxious to get to, happy to be in…you get the picture. After many diets, gym memberships, magic pills and frustration I found something I truely love and that is what makes this journey so much easier than past ones. I am learning something new everyday whether it be better technique, a new recipe or something personal someone shares with me whether it be personal or just a Personal Record at the gym. All these little things added together give me strength to be better and to not just do things but lead the way for people who think they’ll never do a pulllup, or a handstand pushup or maybe something simple like back squat their body weight. If I push and achieve these things and people around me take notice they too will push and achieve and we will all celebrate together.

The way we get healthier and stronger is not by competing and comparing ourselves to others…it is by pushing eachother and celebrating someone else’s victories as much as our own.

I know I push Crossfit since it was the catalyst to my right path but I encourage you to find what you love to do and just work at it almost daily. It can be anything like actually going to the gym your paying a membership at and doing a good 20-30 minutes of honest work. Take a walk every night for 20-30 minutes and try to get further everytime. Some of my girl friends love Zumba and because they love it they don’t miss classes or regret it if they can’t make it and that is the key…find something you love and go for it. There is no routine, gym or program that is the right fit for everybody but you need to get out there and try them all until you find one that fits you.

I would love to see this community be even more active than it already is with spikes in gym memberships, the multisport club, Zumba, the aquatic centre and have the sidewalk crawling with people out for that brisk walk. No one is better than the other if we all go at it 100% and by that I mean not just step up the workouts but eat better. Do your research, log what you eat in a week and the bad stuff will jump off the page for sure. Change those from the routing and you will feel better, look better and perform better at work, at home and best of all at play.

Angie Jesmer tipped me off to a great way to eat your protein at supper to get away from just chicken or pork or fish. I am talking Paleo here…you can bread these suckers! I wouldn’t do it every night but when you want to feel like a treat try this:

Use almond meal and any spices you want to flavour. Crack 2 eggs in a bowl, dip your meat in the egg then roll it through the almond meal and spices and voila…a breaded treat without all the crap! Here is one I tried this week to rave reviews:

Almond meal, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, a tad of coarse sea salt and some chili powder. Simple but tasty. Once the meat is breaded bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350F. Enjoy! sides can be grilled veggies, green salad or for the odd extra treat baked sweet potato fries but not ofter since the sweet potato is not uber Paleo.

Until next week…be great!


My Date With The Crue…What Paleo Program?

 February 8 at 1:55pm

Hi kids,

Well the moment of truth came today as I got up on the scale to see the results of my evening with Motley Crue and more beer than I remember drinking in a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg time. The scale stopped at 289lbs. For those keeping track at home that is 1 pound less than last week (and it is the lightest I have ever weighed on my Quest for Fitness part 1 or 2). The Crue show in MTL friday night saw me and the boys begin our beer drinking at 3ish and go well into the 9pm timeframe. I ate a club sandwich with fries for supper. Needless to say I rocked out at the show and it was well worth the month long wait for this night out. 

 I ended up at Bojangles with a Crossfit crew on Saturday evening and managed to not have a drop of beer or any of my son’s fries, which is more than I can say for Peaches! lol. Super Bowl Sunday I stayed home and had pork and sweet potato fries for the big game. Bottom line is I had my cheat and I am right back on the wagon forging on…Did some climbing on Sunday with Max for a little extra work over the weekend since I had no Sunday hockey. Quick post this week to let you know how things went and that I survived my big night out. I still have not determined when my next cheat will be but it will likely just invlove one meal and not a marathon beer guzzling session!

Be great!

Danimal \m/

Back On The Scale And The Sky Didn’t Fall!

February 1 at 2:26pm

Hi all,

As promised I got back on the scale today (Feb.1) and was pleased with what I saw. I weigh in at 290lbs. I know for some it still sounds like a boatload of weight but consider this. I weighed 296 before Christmas and I was nowhere near the Paleo plan. My suspicion is that I may have creeped back over 300lbs over the holidays. Now we’ll never know for sure if I did but as of today, 4 weeks 100% Paleo, I am 290lbs. Here is more perspective on that number…over the weekend I put on some clothes I had stored from my days on the Revolution plan and they fit me perfectly! I was 250lbs back then!!!! This means I am as lean at 290 eating Paleo and doing Crossfit as I was at 250 not exercising much and eating powder, the difference is I actually have muscle mass and dare I some some definition now. My man boobs are gone and pecs have emerged. I started working out with Tyler Touchette to lose weight and in the process started to develop real strength and muscle mass I was not even thinking of at the beginning, I just wanted to be thinner, this whole strength thing is a great added bonus and now a slight obsession to see how far I can push myself and it has been great for the soul. I feel in better shape at 36 than I was a 26 and things will only improve from here.

My kids have taken notice of what papa has accomplished and are always commenting on how good I like and how small my “belly” is now. They also want to eat better and Max (7 years old) wants to compete in some 5k runs and other events with me he has seen me do in the past. My kids are what started me down this path and to see them take notice and want to get involved is truely priceless!

February started off great with 2 PRs today at the gym. My backsquat max went from 355lbs to 360lbs and my unassisted pullup max went from 4 to 6! Small gains but gains none the less. For the record the lightest I have been in the last 5 years is 289 and I hope to crush that next Monday. I do have my first cheat coming up from the Paleo program and this is beer and steamies in MTL Friday night at the Motley Crue concert.

I will be weighing myself every Monday from now on. I can’t stress enough how good I feel on Paleo and how much stronger and better it makes me at the gym daily, for those doing the current Paleo challenge you know what I mean. My kids pulled out my Team Cornwall card on the weekend and HOLY SMOKES my face looked inflated! I am now working on getting some old pics of me at my heaviest to show you the difference. Those pics blow my mind as I never saw myslef that big but looking back now YIKES! Again thanks to all for the support and a special mention to Leanne Quennville for odering me some lifting shoes last week, merci!

Be great!


UNGA BUNGA! The Power Of Paleo

January 25 at 9:54pm

Hi all,

I am well into week 4 of 100% Paleo and I can SEE a difference in the mirror, how my clothes fit and my energy levels keep climbing. My workouts are not easier but I feel much better during and after. Last week, I had lunch with a friend and before we parted he told me I was the most positive person he has spoken to in some time…THE POWER OF PALEO. I ran into an old friend at the Square and she was amazed at how I looked and told me the pics online don’t do me justice…THE POWER OF PALEO. I can look at myself in the mirror and be extremely proud of what is looking back at me…THE POWER OF PALEO. I will be hitting the scale next Monday. The weight is second to how I feel however in my first post of the year I committed to losing 30-40 pounds this year and I will do it. I had two personal bests this past week;

Deadlift 375lbs x5
Back Squat 295lbs x5

Again this is happening because I am eating clean and fuelling my body properly. Nutrition is 90% the battle, you can never outwork a bad diet no matter how hard you hit the gym, you’ll just end up hurting yourself in the long run.

For non Crossfitters…WHAT IS PALEO…here is the Readers Digest Version:

The paleo diet rests on a few very simple premises:

• Our bodies are genetically programmed to eat the foods that existed prior to the agricultural revolution (about 10,000 years ago)

• The diet that the typical person ate during the paleolithic period (and you wondered why it was called the “paleo” diet) consisted of lean meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables and nuts

• By returning to the paleo-era diet, we will be working with our genetics instead of against them.

So what does this all mean? It basically means not eating any grains, legumes, refined sugars, excess salt, etc. If it didn’t exist prior to 10,000 years ago….you shouldn’t be eating it!

What makes this eating plan appealing is it’s simplicity. Instead of asking questions such as “how many carbs does this have? what is the calorie-to-fat ratio?”, the plan makes food choices a whole lot simpler. “Did this exist when cavemen roamed the earth?” If the answer is yes, you can probably eat it.

The theory is that if you stick to only those foods which are paleo, the issues of calories and macro-nutrient ratios will naturally work themselves out.

Good luck to all who are taking part in the 30 day Paleo Challenge at Crossfit! I had the pleasure of helping Tyler Saturday and you all inspired me to be better and work harder. Together we will all be healthier and stronger…UNGA BUNGA! The Power of Paleo!

I ran into a friend today who told me “I am thinking of joining Crossfit” so I asked what was the hold up and the response was “I want to lose a few more pounds before I start” HUH? Start now and let the WODs help you get to your goals faster. There are many like minded people at the gym that can help you get there faster and maybe even beyond what you thought possible.

I found this quote from Helen Keller today and it is something we should all ponder for a moment and walk through the open door!

“When one door closes another opens. But often we look so long so regretfully upon the closed door that we fail to see the one that has opened for us.”

Be Great!