This Journey Is Worth It And It’s Paying Off

Daytona Beach 2009

Hi all,

So after last week staying put at 283lbs I was anxious to see what the scale would tell me this week…BUT…even before I got on the scale today I had a good feeling since I was shopping Sunday with my family and tried on a pair of 38 jeans and they fit like a glove no doubt about it!  I even had brought in a 40 just in case.  My energy is at an all time high and the guy looking back at me in the mirror is almost the one I picture in my head as “Goal Danimal”.  So I get on the scale and it doesn’t go past the 280 mark…WHAT!!!! so I step off and on again, and off and on again, still under 280.  I called over a fellow Crossfitter to confirm the number below to make sure I got it right and the verdict is 277lbs.  All together now…BOOYACHAKA!  Great timing since a huge speed bump is fast approaching…I leave for Daytona Beach in 4 days!  I will be as good as expected on holidays but the saving grace is I am staying at my parents’ condo while I am there and eating Paleo 80% of the time is more than reasonable.  Plus, I will be doing sprints and mini WODs on the beach…can’t wait.  So there you have it folks, the Paleo routine is here to stay and my total weight loss since joining Cornwall Crossfit just over 2 years ago is 69lbs…that is more than my 7 year old son weighs!  I will be snapping some shots on the beach to compare to last year.  Check them out and see the difference a year makes.  If only I had gone all out Paleo before January, oh well no sense in looking back…  I even did a cheat on Friday I had 3 cookies at the Ramada in the afternoon around 4pm and then that night I polished off close to 2 bottles of red wine with a friend of mine, did the Saturday WOD (Deadlifts and Handstand Pushups) with a red wine hangover at 9:30AM and made it…took me 11:09 though, couple of “try not to puke” breaks after being upside down for a bit slowed me down but I prevailed and nobody had to see a mess.  Also a big kudos to Tyler and Kyle for their tireless technique rants and do overs to get things right.  I hated the box squats and today did a 1 rep 315lbs.  I used to max out at 275!  It’s all technique so don’t rush things and refine that technique and you will lift more.  Keep up the iron clad technique drilling guys, it pays off for all of us.  I will try to post on my blog from FLA so stay tuned and thanks for all the support.

Be Great!



4 Comments on “This Journey Is Worth It And It’s Paying Off”

  1. Nicole says:

    Great post Dan! Good Luck in FL. Mexico through me on my a**! I’m back now – and look forward to your updated photo and comparing 2009 and 2010 photos! Enjoy!

  2. Eighteen says:

    Take it easy on the beach…l don’t know if it can handle both Danimal and a WOD.

  3. I can just imagine what will be going through the rest of the seniors in the condo’s heads when some big guys is doing burpees and walking lunges or better yet jumping lunges on the beach…lol

  4. that fellow Crossfitter says:

    Congrats Dan! I’m thrilled to be the witness to your most recent fitness triumph. Have a blast in Daytona next week…. I will also be trying to stay the course during March Break.

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