The Daytona 500

First let me congratulate all Cornwall Crossfitters who competed and/or represented us at the sectionals this weekend.  Another great example of why I love being part of this community, we’re strong, good technically, we are a team and we can be serious and have fun at the same time, well done everyone!  We are taking over the fitness industry one WOD at a time (evil laugh).

Now I enter the confessional…my trip to Daytona Beach.  I truly enjoyed my time away with the family and wish there was another week to be together, family trips always bring us closer.  I called this entry the Daytona 500 because that’s how many pounds I felt like I put on during the drive home on Saturday and Sunday. 

I went off Paleo for real indulging in LOTS of beer and burgers and wings and you get the picture.  I was enjoying my time off and did do a few WODs on the beach to try to balance things out a bit.  The looks I got doing burpees and hollow rocks on the beach were priceless.  Some people even stopped and asked what I was doing (lol). 

So I got on the scale today and the first time I stepped on it said I gained 6 pounds then the second time it said 7…let’s go with 7.  My weight now stands at 284.  I’m cool with it since I still feel great and I am back to eating regularly(Paleo) so I know by Thursday I will be back on top of the world.  I find it usually takes 4 full days to clean out the junk from the system after being off the wagon for a while.  I didn’t fall off the wagon I did a cannonball right into my holidays.  I am cool with what I did and now it is back to business. 

I finished today’s WOD (10 ; 95lbs Overhead Squats and 10 burpees – 3 rounds in 4:16).  Not bad for a guy full of pizza and beer eh?

I read the Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain while I was away and realized I was doing well but could tighten up a few things so I am making some adjustment over what was working for me before I left which will hopefully get me back on track even faster than before.  A big thing is reducing me weekly egg intake to 6-8 from 20.  Changing my main nut from cashews and pistachios to walnuts and almonds.  I am also going to eat more meat for breakfast since my eggs are coming down in number.  This morning I had some wild sockeye salmon and a banana.  Salmon at 7am ain’t all that bad but the kids told me the kitchen stank…lol.  The book also re-enforced why I have chosen this lifestyle not just for weight loss but to help with muscle gain, fight disease and keep my energy levels high at all times.  Some of the stories in the book are amazing like a man who was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  He went on the Paleo diet and in 30 days lost 25 pounds and the diabetes was gone!  There are many other like stories but you can read them for yourself if it interests you.  I am open to lending out the book so don’t be shy to ask. 

Now for the photo comparison.  I am pleased with the progress and feel this year’s Danimal is in far better shape than last year’s model.  No that much smaller but a heck of a lot leaner with one sawed off shotgun (See left bicep tear). 

I will try to post more pics in the future to illustrate some of the gains now that I have a few done.  They will not all look like the Mr.Daytona poses show here today.

Be Great!



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