I Was Fat…It Was My Fault

An article that appeared in the local daily yesterday was titled “Your Fat, Your Fault” and was filled with facts about why people become obese and aside from those with medical or psychological conditions it IS OUR FAULT.  That message is a bitter pill to swallow for most of us.  Many people (myself included) can make up a million excuses as to why they’ve gained 5 to 30 pounds without ultimately pointing the finger at themselves.  Nobody forces you to eat a donut or muffin with your morning cappuccino or your double double, or have a quarter pounder with cheese combo for lunch followed by ice cream after supper and maybe more than a handful of chips in front of the TV before bed.  Heck, I was guilty of that on an almost daily basis for years.  I blamed my work schedule, my infant kids taking up a lot of time, yada, yada, yada.  Truth be told I was lying to myself and healthy eating was never that difficult with the right knowledge and a little effort.  It’s not easy making a lifestyle change but if you are obese, fat, overweight, plump, chubby, pick a term that doesn’t offend you…its time to take control of your life.  Nobody plans to die of a heart attack in the their 40’s or develop some kind of disease related to bad diet.  I found that motivation after my son drew a stick figure picture of the family in December 2007 which had my wife comment “Maman is not pregnant”, his reply was “That’s not you it’s papa”.  Talk about getting kicked in the cahonies by the most honest person, my then 5 year old boy.  It was easy enough to get into the exercise routine but the new eating habits were much tougher to come by.  My message is this:

Do a food log for one week and you’ll see right away what can and should be cut out.  For those like me who consider themselves “overweight” think back even further to how you’ve been eating.  I went as far back as college and just thinking about what meals I prepared myself then almost gave me a heart attack!  Try eating carb and sugar free for 1 full week or more, then cut out dairy and other processed foods and see how much more energy you have or how lean you’ll become.

I used to think dipping tangerines in french vanilla yogurt was healthy, not 1 or 2 more like 4 or 5 with 500ml or more sugar laced yogurt. I would pick up fast food and get myself an extra burger and eat it on the way home, throw out the wrapper before getting into the house thinking “if no one saw me eat it, it doesn’t count”.  These are just a few examples of how I was thinking.  It’s time to stop the excuses and make time to exercise, make time to plan your meals and buy the right groceries to make meal and snack prep easier, be a good example to your kids and family/friends.  The more people adopt a healthy lifestyle the easier it will be to stick to it if more people are in the same frame of mind.  I have great support at home and in the Cornwall Crossfit community.  Together we are stronger and the support from everyone makes this journey a bit easier. It does “suck” sometimes but the gains far outweigh the pains to get there.  Make the change and you will definitely see the world in much rosier glasses.

Here is something from the article I referenced that we all should read (the last one is my favorite):

Fit and fat people think differently, says mental toughness coach Steve Siebold.

¦ Fat people eat for pleasure; fit people eat for health.

¦ Fat people believe diets are fads; fit people believe diets are strategies.

¦ Fat people eat emotionally; fit people eat strategically.

¦ Fat people believe there’s a secret to getting fit; fit people know there is no secret.

¦ Fat people expect weight loss without pain; fit people know everything has a price.

¦ Fat people see diets as short term; fit people see diets as long term.

¦ Fat people choose pleasure over discipline; fit people choose discipline over pleasure.

¦ Fat people associate with fat people; fit people associate with fit people.

¦ Fat people never have time to exercise; fit people make time to exercise.

 ¦ Fat people believe 99% compliance is good; fit people believe 99% compliance is terrible.

¦ Fat people are obsessed with food; fit people are obsessed with success.

¦ Fat people lie to themselves; fit people are brutally honest.

¦ Fat people feel powerless to change; fit people believe they can do anything.

¦ Fat people negotiate the price of success; fit people just pay the price.

¦ Fat people don’t connect fitness with sexual energy; fit people know sexual energy increases through fitness.



5 Comments on “I Was Fat…It Was My Fault”

  1. Nicole says:

    Great post Dan! I can totally relate to the “if no one saw me eat it, it doesn’t count”.

  2. Kelli says:

    Hey Dan, great blog! I saw that article in the Freeholder also and actually cut out the part of the article you referenced for some inspiration!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi Dan,

    Your blog was inspirational. I can relate to it.

  4. Phil B says:

    Well done buddy.

    In my life, I used to live by this one:

    “Fat people never have time to exercise; fit people make time to exercise”

    I never had time to exercise, but I sure had enough time to watch 2-3 hours of TV a night.

    Nowadays, I don’t have any time to watch TV!

  5. Thanks for all the comments kids. If I can inspire even one person to start living healthier and add years to their life all this is worth it. Thanks for following along this journey.

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