Back To The Paleo Lifestyle And All Is Well Again

Right off the top I want to thank you all for following my journey towards better health and fitness.  My blog stats show over 1,000 visits in the first month it has been up and running.  Another thanks to those who registered their emails to get the updates emailed to them and a tip of the hat to those who leave comments, all of this helps get me to the next level.  Knowing I am not alone on this journey makes it much easier.

Last week I came back from Daytona Beach FLA and put on 7lbs in 10 days.  As of Monday last week I was right back to being the modern day caveman you all have come to know me as.  I fasted all day Tuesday and drank 7 litres of water to try and clean out all crap from my holidays.  Tyler told me not to do such long fasts and stick to intermittent fasts.  Translation means next time don’t do 36 hours you just need to do 16-18.  The rest of the week was regular caveman food and on Saturday I had an early supper (4pm) then went out to Bojangles for the UFC fights with the guys (and Debi).  I decided I was not drinking so I polished off 2.5 pitchers of water.  I was peeing more than the drinkers and was up all night going to the bathroom! BUT…Sunday I slept in and did not eat breakfast/lunch until noon.  So I did an intermittent fast without even trying so I got a bonus (19 hours).

The moment of truth came today when I hopped back on the scale to see how much of the Daytona 500 (7lbs) I had been able to shake the first week back…..drum roll………5lbs!  The scale teetered between 278 and 279 and I always round up so in one week I almost shed all my vacation weight. 

Say it with me….THE POWER OF PALEO!!!!!!

I had great willpower on Wednesday night after my wife had me bring home Pillsbury cookie dough for the kids and was able to resist out of the oven warm cookies, even half or even a bite!  In different circumstances I may have had one cookie but after my week in Daytona it was not the right time to treat myself.

I did have a treat yesterday though.  I usually buy the odd 85% cocoa chocolate bar and have two squares now and then to satisfy my sweet tooth for a change from honey.  I bought an 85% bar and a 70% bar.  Note: these bars are not Paleo, they are treats I allow myself now and then.  I had 2 pieces of the 70% bar along with a banana on the way home from the grocery store, a couple more later on, a couple more a few hours later and polished off the rest right before leaving for hockey.  OOPS!  My wife was like”you’re not supposed to finish the entire thing in one day!”.  I know but it was good.  So I did dodge a bullet there.  

I have never set a target weight for myself through all of this.  I see what I want to look like in my head and that’s what I’m working for.  Now that I see me at 279lbs, as of today, I think 250 is my next goal to get to and figure out how much more weight beyond that it will take to get me to the true DANIMAL inside.  Once I hit the 250 mark I will take another Daytona style pic and compare to the March pic.

To summarize, I lost 5bls of the 7lbs I gained on my Daytona getaway putting me at 279lbs.  Total pounds lost is 66.

Until next week, BE GREAT!



One Comment on “Back To The Paleo Lifestyle And All Is Well Again”

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow – 5lbs is great Dan!!! Good for YOU!

    BTW I did say it with you: THE POWER OF PALEO!!! 🙂

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