Another Prescribed FRAN and a Win For Danimal

I did my second prescibed FRAN today.  The first time saw me record a time of 9:20.  A reminder that FRAN is 95lbs thrusters and pullups.  3 rounds with decreasing reps. 21-15-9.  Today I finished it in 7:29!  a new PR for me.  I know I can do better but I’m happpy with this victory over her (FRAN).  I had to break up my middle round thrusters which I didn’t do the first time.  The improvement comes from my pullups.  I can do more at a time with less rest in between.  To all those who completed FRAN today great work.  For those who have never tried it, it’s a love/hate thing people at Crossfit have.  FRAN is a benchmark workout to see how you’re progressing.  The goal is always to beat your previous time, NOT the other people doing it along side you.



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