Refocused, Re-energized And Not A Moment Too Soon

So things have been going very well for me.  The weight was coming off, some PRs and great times.  There was just one problem.  I let the competitive side of me take over and found myself competing for time against others and not focusing my technique or working harder on my strengths and weaknesses.  I was in a rut and didn’t even realize it until Tuesday last week after not getting my P for Prescribed in the Crossfit Football workout.  The WOD was 7 rounds of 315lbs deadlifts(3), 6 hand stand pushups and 9 box jumps(24 inches).  I did it in 13:50 BUUUT…my hand stand pushups were only 3/4 and didn’t count for the P.  Tyler called my on it and made me come full circle back to my 2010 resolution.  It’s not about time or heavy weight, this year is about become a master technician and doing things the right way, NO SHORTCUTS!  Compete against yourself not others. I’m back on track now thanks to Tyler’s dose of reality.

Here is the kicker, the next day for fun I tried to do some PRESCRIBED hand stand pushups and was able to bang off a set of 4 in a row then 2 sets of 3 after the WOD!  So Tyler was right, I wasn’t pushing myself to beat me, I was trying to beat others and that is not the point of my Quest for Fitness. 

Now that I got that off my chest…

Got on the scale this week and lost an entire pound!  I am down to 268lbs.  I feel great today but this weekend was rough spending the entire day in bed with wicked stomach cramps.  I cheated Friday night having 2 beers, half of a spinach dip, half a pastrami sandwich and half of an apple crumble then a few glasses or red wine.  I was in bed from 10:30 Saturday morning until noon Sunday! 

All in all, I still feel absolutely amazing both physically and mentally.

Be great!



Status Quo Never Felt So Good. I Love Paleo!

Right off the bat I will say that on the scale this week I am still at 269lbs.  The more important thing is how I feel.  Energetic, lean, strong and extremely motivated.

I had a slew of cheats over the weekend.  It started with splitting a spinach dip at Kelsey’s with my wife on Friday night. Saturday at The Grind I ate almost half Celine’s peanut butter cookie and it was HUGE!   Then on Sunday having sweet potato fries galore with a honey crueller for desert, after enjoying some Rolo ice cream from Laura Secord with my son Max in the afternoon (father/son time trumps all).  I even ate a handful a gummie bears at my in-laws in the afternoon.  Despite all of this I feel great and the scale never budged.

On Saturday night I drank 2 jugs of water at Bojangles and took some ribbing for it.  It actually amuses me now to hear people make comments.  Why is it so socially unacceptable to go to a bar and not drink.  I am making healthy choices and loving every minute of it.  My buddy’s friend actually saw me drinking water and said “Is this the guy who drinks water all the time?” I’m getting a reputation I guess….could be worse eh?

I connected with Cindy Sexton this past week who is a fellow Crossfitter and Paleo diva with great recipes.  Check out her blog at .  Cindy has a great story as well.  This healthy living thing just might catch on.  It’s always nice to meet others who are on similar paths to yours.  If you visit, tell her I said hello.

Did I mention I feel great!  On Saturday I did an 8:20 FRAN after doing a full front squat workout and some hand stand practice.  Not my PB but doing Fran as a cash out??  Today I did 12-9-6 reps of 145lbs squat cleans and chest to bar pullups in 9:06 PRESCRIBED!  Felt good but may hands are mangled pretty good.

I will double my efforts this week and make sure no off menu items over the weekend.

Be Great!


Danimal Discovers A Blog Chalk Full Of Great Paleo Recipes!!!!

The one biggest requests I get aside from more pics is POST MORE PALEO RECIPES.  Well, in my never ending search to expand my Paleo knowledge I found Cindy…a fellow Crossfitter and Paleo diva.  Her blog is full of great Paleo recipes that will keep you hopping in the kitchen.  She is my new saviour with a number of new Paleo experiments for me in the kitchen.  Her site is great so I encourage you to check it out (PALEOdISH)…. . It can always be access through my blogroll on the right hand side of the screen.

You can also find her on Facebook by searching PALEOdISH and subscribing to the fan page.

Have fun with these and let me know if you tried any of them and how it tasted.


Another Milestone Reached and Funky New Shoes

If you can,  picture me doing a jig because I have reached another stage to celebrate on the Modern Day Caveman Journey.  I hit the scale this week expecting to maybe stay the same or see a pound added after the weekend but its down on more pound!  Danimal now weighs in at 269lbs!  BOOYACHAKA!!!!  You see, when embarking on a journey like this you need long term and short term goals.  I decided a long time ago to take things 10 pounds at a time.  Everytime I make it into another class it’s a reason to celebrate which motivates me to do more.  I celebrated 298, 279 and now 269.

Obviously my long term goal is to get to 240-250 and maintain it for the rest of my life but there are a few more stages for me to get there.  I’m also doing a  lot of handstand practice and am getting pretty good at it.

Me in the backyard in a hand stand I can hold it for about 5 seconds now.

On Thursday night last week I made my way to Ottawa with Mike P. and picked myself up some Vibram 5 finger shoes.  I ran with them on Friday (once around the block at the gym), went for a walk with them over the weekend and ran twice around the gym block today.  It feels different but good.  I am pleased with my purchase and I am anxious to try them out for longer distances and hiking!

My new Vibram 5 finger shoes...funny looking yes, BUT they ROCK!

I did some off caveman stuff this weekend.  On Friday night I went to see The Lost Boyz in Pointe-Claire and had 6-7 pints of Keith’s Red and was sloshed!  Then on Saturday night I made myself small tortilla wraps with shaved turkey, a Kraft single and mustard and mayo for supper after putting back 1/2 a shrimp ring!  Yikes.  I managed to still shave a pound off, which has me smiling.

I have been working in 2 intermittent fasts (16 hours) per week the last 2 weeks and it feels great.  I have also managed to keep up with my fish oil pills and vitamin D which I am crediting for the extra I have been feeling lately.

Have a great week and we’ll see you at Lamoureux Park this Saturday for the Cornwall Crusher as part of the CTC Bike-A- Thon Plus.  A nasty Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) at 11:30 in front of the bandshell.

Last but not least I am still full on caveman and loving it.  It gets easier every week and there more creative I am getting in the kitchen.

Be Great!