We all have egos and sometime they can get in the way of good technique.  I am as guilty as the next guy or gal to try to muscle something up and sacrifice good technique.  We may get the weight where it is supposed to go BUT we are not doing our bodies any favors nor are we maximizing out capability.

I have started to pay more attention to technique this year and some of my lifts are lighter than before as I refine doing them right but the weight will come back.  We need to stop trying to get to personal bests or bragging weights and focus on good technique.  Again good technique will ultimately help you lift those BIG weights you want it just might take some time.  Oh…did I mention it’s safe too!

Patience is another word we should use more often.  Trying to rush to the big weights will ultimately lead to injury and then the process will take even longer to get there with days or weeks or months of rehab.  Which would you rather, decent weight working on technique or no weight at all rehabing your back, shoulder, knee etc… I think the answer is simple, do the math.

I got a great lesson in what good technique can do today thanks to Kyle.  We worked out together doing box squats today and ended up doing the same weight (285lbs) for 5 sets of 3 reps each.  The last two sets Kyle did looked much prettier than mine.  I was able to muscle them up but my technique was a tad questionable.  Kyle of the other hand had far superior technique and make it appear much easier than I did.  Can I do more than that weight, absolutely I am more than strong enough to muscle it up there….BUT imaging how much more I will be able to do when I nail down my technique.  I truly enjoy working out with Kyle since we compliment each other, he is technically sound and helps me focus on technique while I can load the weight and help him chase bigger numbers.  He lifts heavier and I get to really work technique, it’s a great match. 

There are some lifts where I can lift more than Kyle but on many of them we are even or he has a higher max than I do thanks to his technique (Split Jerk is a great example).  Point is when I was chasing the “ego” weights,  Kyle was refining his technique and has now turned into a monster.  If we all take a page out of Kyle’s book and take some time to really focus on good technique and not weight or time imagine how much better we will all be a few months from now.

So, before you look at the people next to you and think “my granny could lift that” watch their technique, it will likely be impecable.  These same people will eclipse you in weight a year from now as you try to muscle the weight up sacrificing technique so you can sleep better a night knowing you out lifted them.

Say it with me…T-E-C-H-N-I-Q-U-E…let it sink in!

As always another great way to maximize results at the gym is to get your eating habits down.  Putting the proper fuel in your body will make it perform better bar none!

Check the ego at the door and embrace technique and you’ll be in a better place a few months from now foshizzle!

Be Great!

Danimal \m/


It May Be Time To Pass The Torch

For the past number of months I have been writting about how great I feel and how my new lifestyle and workouts have made me a better man, father, husband, workers, friend etc…  I have now taken the next step in my journey which is getting certified as a Level 1 Crossfit trainer.

Now I want to help and teach others the benefits of adopting a helathier lifestyle and getting into better shape.  I have received many messages from folks who drew inspiration from my journey and have talked to many as well.  It’s time for those who have been vocal and those who are simply following along to step up and start their own journey…and I want to be the one to help show them the way.

I battled weight for most of my adult life and managed to conquer it after some tough realities and soul searching.  I’ve been through the trenches and now want to help others break down those barriers and find their happy place. 

AM I at the top of the mountain yet…NOT EVEN CLOSE!  I just got to a higher point recently but there is much more hill to climb and the terrain doesn’t get any easier.  As much as people may draw inspiration from my journey I draw from others as well.  Whether it is someone getting that first pullup or a PR on a lift, I draw from all those accomplishments.  They help me dig deeper and I wish everyone could draw that strength from others around them.  Don’t “hate” someone for getting a pullup before you did, look deep inside and figure out how you can be the next one to celebrate.  Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll see the results will come.

Adding a good Paleo lifestyle to 100% committment at the gym can help you get there faster.  One good “balls out” workout 3-4 times a week with good eating habits will bring you further than OK eating habits and 2-3 workouts a day.  Don’t beat up your body, it needs rest and proper nutrition.

There are 2 HUGE lessons I learned during my certification. 

#1 –  90 minute cardio marathons all week may burn fat, but also destroy muscle and beat up the body.  Short intense workouts do more for you than a cardio marathon ever will.  They burn fat too and BUILD muscle not destroy it.  If you want to run a marathon those 90 minute cardio sessions may be necessary but for most of us, who just want to be fit and look good in our swimsuits, a short intense workout (no more than 30-40 minutes) with some weight training, cardio, metcon and gymnastics all mixed together is all we need.  It’s a tough one to wrap your head around for most but those who have embraced it (me included) have seen and felt the results.  Do your research if you need more convincing, it’s all out there.

#2 – REST!  We always think we need to go 5 days a week and missing a day will throw off our progress.  We couldn’t be more wrong!  Our bodies need to rest, recover and repair what we put it through.  If your schedule makes you miss a day, it’s fine.  That rest allows your body to recover for longer until the next workout, don’t add an extra day because you missed one.  You should also build in some extended rest periods every few weeks.  If you’re a Monday to Friday person maybe go Monday, Tuesday Wednesday one week and take time off until the following Monday OR take an entire week off (Is this guy NUTS!).  The other option for time off is injury time off which could be weeks!  Which would you prefer?

If you are interested in some private training I am looking to start some private training for a group of about 6 people three days a week.  Send me an email if you are interested and I will give you the deets.


Be Great!


From Fat to Fit. My Unexpected Journey To Becoming A Crossfit Trainer

I started this journey in January 2007 with the simple goal of losing weight.  Plain and simple nothing too fancy.  My son’s drawing of me might have set off the trigger to a better way of life but truth be told the support from my wife Celine has been the single BIGGEST reason for my successes in this quest.  It was her idea to spend some money on a trainer to get the proper help so I didn’t spin my wheels at a gym alone and get someone who can teach me better eating habits on top of just a trainer.  So, to my godess, I am sending out the biggest and most heartfelt thanks and I love you known to man.

Next, after calling a few local trainers and visiting websites I was drawn to Tyler Touchette for his “Routine is the Enemy” phylisophy and the intrigue of Kettle Bell training.  After my first few sessions with him I had a feeling this was it, this program was gonna work for me.  Over the first 9 months Tyler and I began to develop a friendship which was great since he was telling me the ugly truths I needed to hear and I respect him immensly for his honesty, he can be harsh sometimes, yes, but we all need to hear it now and then.  Too much coddling gets us nowhere fast.  When he converted to Crossfit and asked me to train with him things really started to pick up.  My achilles heel was eating habits and he haunted me with “get your food on lockdown” forever.  Just today after letting him know I was taking 4 days off to rest body and mind the text that follwed was “Hmmm…how’s the diet”.  It never stops!  He’s the devil on my shoulder even though he’ll try and convince you he’s the angel…lol.

This past weekend was spent in Milton at FirePower Crossfit where I went through 2 days of classes to get my Level 1 Crossfit certification.  It was a ton of fun and really helped me put a bow on all the things I do and why I do them as well as why its working.  The test at the end of the 2 days is far from a joke it is quite intense.  Passing makes me realize I do know enough to call myself a trainer under this discipline.

As I stated at the beginning, this was a way for me to lose weight and now it is a HUGE part of my life and who I am.  Never did I think I would become a trainer in any fitness field but after fully committing to the Crossfit lifestyle which includes the way I eat, train, play, work and sleep…there was no doubt I wanted to take what I have learned and accomplished to the next level.

So, here I am a Level 1 Crossfit trainer.  Now I want to share with everyone what I know and get them to a place where they can experience the same level of happiness and success I am enjoying.  It is more than a certificate I can talk about getting, I want to train people, motivate them and most importantly LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

To my godess Celine, my jedi master Tyler and all of you who have read my blog posts, made comments, talked to me about my journey, given me a compliment…a HUGE THANK YOU!

I finish with these words “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING”

Be Great!