First Crossfit Foundation Class A Success!!!!

Last night was graduation night at Cornwall Crossfit for the first ever Foundation class and they all made it through with flying colours.  I was amazed what they were all able to accomplish through 4 weeks (12 sessions) with sheer will, determination and an iron will.  I am very proud of all of them and they should be even more proud of themsleves.

We went through plenty, from “what is Crossfit?, the Paleo Diet, Olympic Lift Techniques, warmups, foam rolling and metabolic conditions.  They worked hard, sweat hard and at the end came toghether as their own little community encouraging eachother and that is what Crossfit is all about.

THE RESULTS!  Everybody saw some gains or losses depending on what we are talking about.  Some lost pounds and inches, some just inches, some just pounds but the real telltale result for everybody was the baseline WOD times.  There were 7 people over 10 minutes on night 1.  Fast forward to night 12 and there was NOBODY over 9 minutes!  Some had shaved as much as 3:30 to 4:00 off their first time.  That my friends is a results based program.  Measurable success in just 4 short weeks!

Baseline WOD:

  • Row 500m
  • 40 Air Squats
  • 30 Ab Mat Sit Ups
  • 20 Pushups
  • 10 Pullups

This is another milestone in my own personal Quest For Fitness.  I took my Level 1 and turned it into this Foundation program which I wrote from start to finish and was there every night training my first group.  It is almost surreal that a guy can go from 350lbs to someone who and teach others how to find a better them.  As good as I feel personally, it was an amazing feeling seeing everyone crush the baseline WOD last night.

There is still room for my Foundation class which begins Monday night.  Four weeks that WILL change your life!  Email me

A big thanks to my wife(Celine) and kids(Janie&Max) for being patient with me while I made it through the first classes.  The support from home makes it all a bit easier.  I love you all very much!

Be Great!



One Workshop That Changed It All

I had the opportunity this past weekend to take in a Matt Lalonde seminar on Paleo nutrition.  He is a PHD in Biochenistry from Harvard and dude is in solid shape so when he speaks I was listening.  It was a lot to digest over one day but well worth the trip to TO. I will admit some of it went way over my head but many also hit me right between the eyes.

I’m glad to say I already call myself a modern day caveman but I still need to adjust some of what I eat.  Matt is no a big fan of those who say “I can eat as much fruit as I want like cavemen used to do”.  His arguement is back then apples where the small crab apples that fall from the trees in your yard and a banana was just roughly the size of your pinky if you’re lucky!  The fruit we eat today is not just bigger it has much more sugar content.  Matt said you can give yourself diabetes by eating too much fruit alone…that’s a lot of sugar folks.  More specifically fructose.  He recommended going with the “some fruit” approach and when you do eat them make it berries since the frutose levels are not too bad and for the antioxidants.  For someone like me still training and eating to get leaner I am cutting out my bananas for a while and melons.  My dates I love now and then were like candy so salut la visite for now.  I will get into more detail after I digest more myself.  I have some research to do.

Sweeteners…I am a guy who drinks Coke Zero and Diet Pepsi on a fairly regular basis.  I always knew artificial sweetners weren’t good for you but now I understand why.  When you swallow something that tell the brain sugar is coming through the taste your brain waits for that to hit the stomach and it never comes.  After a while your brain recognizes it never came and you will crave something sweet since the body is still looking for it.  Cruel trick to play and can mess up the way the brain and stomach work together when eating other things wich could have negative effects as well.

A couple more highlights:

  • Take fish oil, Vitamin D3(1000 IU per 25lbs of body weight) and probiotics
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Many symptoms from Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers, MS, gout and other autoimmune diseases can be lessened with a good Paleo diet
  • Eliminate stress from your life…easier said than done I know but work at it…you’ll be glad you did

There is more but I will do more homework before I go there.  This is another lesson kids.  When you learn something do your own research and educate yourself.  Your health is worth the effort and everybody’s needs are different.  Once I get to the point where I am happy with my body fat percentage (does that ever happen? lol) my diet will look different than it does today.

Bottom line is this…I feel great eating and training the way I do and my energy levels are always high.

Be Great!


Why I LOVE Crossfit

Yesterday I kicked ass!

Today it kicked my ass!

Tomorrow…the ass kicking will continue….Stay Tuned!

Foundation Class and Surviving Thanksgiving

Here is the deal…as readers of my blog who are not Crossfit members but are curious about it,  the time is right to sign up for my Foundation class.  If you know someone in the current one ask them how its going.  We’re having a blast, learning a lot and people are already feeling a bit stronger and leaner.  Get off the fence and into the gym, you’ll be glad you did.  email me at for more information or to confirm your spot.  The program teaches you proper technique, the Paleo diet, good warmups, foam rolling and each session ends with a small but challenging workout.  I’m waiting to hear from you.

THANKSGIVING…is there a tougher time to stay caveman than this feast?  I managed to pass on potatoes but fell victim to my mother-in-law’s stuffing made from scratch….and THE DESERT…yikes!  Lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate brownie caramel craziness and some apple cake thingy. I tried all but one and they were all delicious.

The reason I go there is simple.  When living Paleo 90-10 or 100%, you can let your guard down at family gatherings and endulge a bit.  All the time and prep that goes into a Thanksgiving meal is worth it and when you are a guest in someone’s house you shouldn’t impose your paleolithic ways onto them, just go with the flow and try to manage your portions.  When you are in control it’s easy and don’t be afraid to talk about the way you eat with family and friends but try not to get into an all out family debate over the meal.  We all make choices and by eating clean and leading by example people will become more curious and ask questions and try.  I see it all the time.

For those of you who want to experiment and have some fun with Paleo there are great recipes thanks to Jo Quenneville and others on that are easy to make and are big on taste.  Being a caveman is only boring if you let it be.  These are also some cool recipes at 

Be Great!


Cornwall Crossfit Foundation/Fight Gone Bad Challenge and Mount Cascade

Hi folks, it’s been a while but now I am back with a vengeance.  I have to thank my first group in the inaugural Cornwall Crossfit Foundation class.  The drive passion and determination from these people have helped renew my own sense of motivation and drive as I continue my own personal Quest for Fitness.    Pics from the Foundation class to come.  So far they have done the baseline WOD and learned all the squat variations, the press and Wednesday we do the clean and hit my favorite on Thursday…THE DEADLIFT!  They have also done very well with all the small WODs at the end of every technical practice.  For the most part some are going right after a strict Paleo diet while some are easing into it, but all are getting there. Keep it up gang!

Congrats to those who took on the Fight Gone Bad Paleo Challenge Saturday head on…I will be there for the results day and look forward to it.

Shameless plug…There are still a few spots left for the next 4 week session beginning October 25th.  Sign up today or tell a friend who is thinking about joining to git’r done!  Have them call me 360-7373 or email me at .

This past weekend I hiked Cascade Mountain in Lake Placid, NY with my wife and 3 friends.  What a rush to get to the summit and see that view.  It was challenging considering the amount of rain we got Friday had created very wet and muddy conditions.  It was obvious to me the improvement in many of the 10 general physical skills Crossfit helps you work on during both the climb and decent.  All we have to put our feet down on for the most part were rocks, tree roots branches and wet leaf covered muddy paths all up and downhill.  The increase in my capacity of some of those skills helped me immensely: Endurance, Stamina, Strength(still a big dude here to get up a mountain), agility, accuracy, coordination and most of all balance, even though I slipped twice on the way down.  My greater sense of balance helped me fall a little more gracefully, if you will, rather than drop like a bag of hammers.

Me, Celine, Sylvain, Lisa and Debi at the summit of Mount Cascade in Lake Placid, NY.

Moral is eat well, train hard and get out and do something different once in a while to challenge yourself and see which of the 10 general physical skills you’ve improved over the last little bit.  The other skills I did not mention earlier are flexibility, power and speed.

Be Great!