(Cornwall, ON) The training staff at Cornwall Crossfit is tackling the dreaded burpee in order to help ensure the less fortunate in Cornwall have meals throughout the holidays.

 They will do one burpee for each dollar raised with all the proceeds going to the Agape Centre.

 Dan Allaire, one of the trainers at Cornwall Crossfit and event organizer, says “everyone hates burpees, if they tell you they don’t, they’re lying to you.  Putting ourselves through them for every dollar raised will motivate people to give generously to see us go through them all.  The more we raise, the more the Agape Centre gets and we are up to the challenge.”

 Agape Centre Executive Director Judy Dancause says “it’s truly amazing how innovative that people in our community come up with for fundraising ideas.  The Agape Centre is truly thankful of the efforts put forth by the staff and trainers at Cornwall Crossfit.  The need for services increases dramatically over the holiday season and the support  is very much appreciated!”

 The event will take place at Cornwall Crossfit, 16 Second Street East, on Saturday December 18, 2010 at 10am with Mayor Bob Kilger kicking off the proceedings by doing the first burpee.

 Schnitzels has come on to help the cause as well by donating a dollar from every desert sold on Friday December 17th and Saturday December 18th to Burpees for Bucks.

 To make a donation you can contact Dan Allaire at 613-360-7373 or via email at danimal7373@gmail.com .  You can also drop off your donation at the following locations:

 Life’s Little Pleasures, 108 Pitt St.

Pure Esthetics & Massage, 503 Pitt St.

Mad Moose Television, 2107A Second Street West

The Grind, 35 Second Street E.

Emard Lumber, 840 Tenth Street E.

Cornwall Crossfit , 16 Second Street E.

Ultimate MMA, 218, 11th Street W.

To learn more about the Agape Centre visit them online at www.agapecentre.ca . For more information on Cornwall Crossfit and to see what a burpee is visit www.cavemanstrong.com .

 For more information:

Dan Allaire

Cornwall Crossfit

(613) 360-7373



Dump Stress, Eat Healthy, Train Properly = LIVE BETTER!

So I’ve been feeling alright lately but felt I needed to change things up to not just refocus but re-energize myself.  I start a new routine today and am very pumped about it.  I will give you the details of the new routine after about a week or so to not just tell you what I am doing but how it is working/not working for me.

If you read the headline of my post I am doing two fo the three elements already and they are eating healthy and training properly.  The stress part is, in my opinion, the toughest one to get in line.  Enter a talk I attended last night by Dr. Thorin Gault and I now feel I have the information and tools needed to battle these demons that are keeping me from an even better quality of life.

What is stress?  It comes in 3 forms Physical (trauma/injury/repetitive motion) Chemical (diet/medication Drugs both legal and illegal/pollution) and Emotional/Mental (financial/career/relationships/health)…So how do we deal with the stresses in our lives…most of the time we ignore it to the point where we feel and become overwhelmed and our bodies, more specifically our nervous system begins to shut down.  You’ve heard of the Fight or Flight response the body does when it feels threatened either by a car accident, escaping a bear attack or dealing with work/home related issues.  When we ignore the signs of stress and not deal with them our bodies stay in the fight mode which is not healthy for ourselves or those around us…the more we carry the more likely we are to tee off on someone over the smallest thing.  Ever stub your toe and throw a fit…STRESSED OUT! Ever experience back aches that seem to be unexplained…STRESSED OUT!

Hidden stress is the worst…when we snap for no reason there is likely stress involved, that toe stubbing freak fest…stress.  You all have your own examples.  How do we deal with it so we can be calmer happier people and enjoy a better quality of life?

The more obvious stress usually involves some type of pain or discomfort.  Which is our body’s way to let us know something is wrong and we need to deal with it.  Back pain, headaches, unexplained memory blocks are all signs we ignore too often.  Many time we do harmful things to our bodies knowingly and just keep doing them like smoking or eating junk food.  I am as guilty as the next person (I don’t smoke) but I am constantly working through those demons to increase my quality of life.  I read tonnes of articles and reasearch things, I try different routines and gage their results to see how they make me feel.  The good ones stick around the bad ones discarded.

Negative people around you can cause stress.  When I identify someone who is always negative I try to avoid being around them…cut out the stress.  I feed on positive energy and am pretty good at casting out negativity but I am just human so I need some help.

Last night I saw a new approach to help deal with that hidden stress that exists but is sometimes hard to get rid of…we all have it.  It’s called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) which is an evidence based approach to wellness and body awareness.  This method involves light touching of the body to help train it to heal itself.    It makes sense to me and I will be giving it a try very shortly and will blog about the results.  Between now and then do your own research and/or find out when Dr.Gault will host another information session and attend it. 

Some people I know well and have a tremendous amount of respect for have tried NSA and report great results. 

Our bodies are very intelligent machines and we need to learn to listen to them. Dump stress, eat healthy and train properly and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Sounds easy but it’s not!  I work at this daily and have experienced a higher quality of life over the past 2 years and now with this new information I feel I can get it to an even better place.  Do the same for yourself.

Be Great!