The Mental Demon Strikes Again!

Yesterday I achieved a personal goal plus 5 in my attempt to shoulder press 200lbs.  I ended up doing 205 in the end after lifting 200lbs twice.  Feeling good about that in to today I decided to keep trying on the max rep PR in the back squat.  I have not done 1 rep max BS in a looooong time.  Feeling fine and warmed up off I go with a few reps at 135 and a dew more at 225.  Nice and warmer…here goe set 1 – 275, set 2 – 305, set 3 – 345, set 4 – 365 (previous PR) done, set 5 385 – Fail (Thanks Troy for having my back!).  I got halfway back up and just locked up, not physically but mentally!  As soon as I hit a spot where a little extra effort was needed my brain went right to bail.  Enter the mental demon.  It’s been a while since he last invaded my thoughts but he reared his ugly head today.

Despite all I have accomplished over the past year from weight loss, getting my Level 1 cert, beginning my own successful program at the gym, that mental demon still shows up now and then.  It’s what’s left of the fat guy in me saying you’re not good enough to lift this ya lazy bastard just run and hide.  Of course I never listen to him and if I ran into him in a dark alley I’d kick his ass but today he got me again.  Nobody is immune.  It used to happen very often but since it has been a while I am kinda glad it happened.  I need to refocus my efforts in certain areas of my life and this was a good reminder I am not superhuman.

One thing that has been helping me lately was going to see Dr.Thorin Gault who does Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) which helped me in many different ways from the way I breath, to to how well I sleep to how I deal with those internal conflicts.  I highly recommend it.

I often share the good news and wanted you all to know I do not think I am without fault and only share successes.  Sharing days like this only help me get stronger on the mental side.  The next big help for me will be spending a solid 10 days surrounded my nobody but my family who are my biggest fans.  I need those kids and that special lady to remind me how lucky I am despite not hitting PRs and the odd mental demon who comes knocking.

Be Great!



The Crossfit Community Shines Again

Burpees for Bucks was this past Saturday and we raised $1,500 for the Agape Centre to help feed the less fortunate over the holidays.  This in itself makes the event successful however there is more to the story than just helping the needy.

I walked in the gym around 9:30am and a class was just wrapping up a Crossfit Football WOD.  Most of them stuck around to support us who were about to tackle the 1500 burpees.  We were 6 or so looking at the task ahead when all those who just finished a WOD decided to chip in and help.  Cool now we are up to 13 people.  Two more and we could have everyone do 100 for time.  In walk Annie and Dave Boltz with their kids and it took about a nano second to have them agree to help.  Dave did it in jeans! 

The sense of community was front and centre where everyone present stepped up to help.  On top of that is was done in true Crossfit style…FOR TIME!!  Collectively we hammered out 1500 burpees in roughly 11 minutes.  Not bad if I may say so myself.

The Burpees for Bucks Crew...awesome job everyone and thanks again.

This to me is what makes Crossfit, not just Cornwall, but all Crossfit gyms different from the rest.  Everyone has different reasons for being there but are all doing the same thing to reach whatever the goal is which creates this amazing synergy and for some new friendships throughout the journey.  You can’t put a value on the sense of team and that people are rooting for you and not looking over their shoulder to make sure they are lifting more than you.  You never workout alone and you always have someone’s ear if you need to chat about something.

Crossfit is a results oriented facility not one that collects your monthly fee and wishes you luck with whatever it is you will do on any given day. 

When a Crossfitter says he/she has been to the gym 5 days this week and worked their ass off those 5 days doing some olympic lifts, metabolic conditioning and other elements of strength training all while supervised by a certified trainer.

Crossfit=Community=Results=Better Quality of Life

For you fence sitters take the leap and sign up for my Foundation class beginning January 17th, 2011.  You’ll learn the basics of Crossfit, how to properly execute olympics lifts and learn about the Paleo Diet.  It can be the first step to a stronger, better, healthier, happier you.  Get in touch with me today. 360-7373 or

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and remember…



Paleo Video

Here is a quick video as to why I follow a Paleo lifestyle.

The Ho(me)liday Stretch!

This is the time of year when most of us get stressed out to the max, eat like HOO-HA then start the New Year with the goal of losing those holiday pounds.  Is it just me or does that sound bassackwards???  Why not slow down and enjoy the time off with family and make healthy choice over the holidays.  Sure when you’re at the Christmas buffet with tonnes of homemade food you can have some but fill up on the proteins and fats rather than the carbs and sugar.  I know it’s easier said than done but if you can pull it off you know that New Year’s resolution has a snowball’s chance in hell of sticking this time.

If you eat like crap and stress out over your time off you will feel no better when you head back to work, your pants will be tighter and you’ll be miserable.  If people around you are constantly complaining just avoid them or throw positivity back in their faces.  You make your own luck and your own destiny so cheer up over the holidays and embrace them for what they are intended for which is enjoying the company of family and friends and reconnecting with people you only see once or twice a year.  The best gift you can give someone and yourself is just a positive happy outlook.  I believe what you project comes back at you and since I have turned myself around I can see it all the time.  I don’t hold back compliments, I give good handshakes, hugs when appropriate, an ear to listen and advice only when people ask.  I hear many conversations that I would love to interupt and offer some words of encouragement but the truth is unless you’re ready to help yourself there is little anyone can do, it has to come from within.  Sounds CLICHE but it’s true.

I play hockey once a week and hear guys in the locker room, some older some younger than me, complain about how they feel, the meds they are taking for this and that and are doing nothing about it.  It’s not easy to make healthy food choices when there is so much garbage available around every corner or to set aside 15-30 minutes a day for a good honest workout.  Don’t look at your schedule and say there is no time…MAKE TIME and include in what needs to happen over the course of the week.

Lastly, I can now recommend Dr.Thorin Gault to all of you after being in his care for the past 3 weeks.  Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) works.  I had chronic lower back pain from hidden stress and now it is all but gone.  I can feel the muscles in my back readjusting after years of being in fight mode, I am more relaxed and can breath easier.  Eveyone is different but along with me many people I respect go too and they are all in agreement this works.  Give it a try and if you want more information visit .  On top of the good care Thorin gives which is geared to each individuals based on his/her needs the staff there is great making you feel like you’re visiting friends.  For the first time in my life I look forward to getting treatment.

I will be heading south for the Christmas break and will be doing my WODs at Crossfit Daytona.  I am anxious to go through their daily routine there and come back a report on what it was like working out at another box.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I hope to see you all at Crossfit in 2011.

Almost forgot….you still have until Saturday morning at 10 am to make a donation to Burpees for Bucks with all porceeds going to the Agape Centre to help feed the less fortunate over the holidays.  If you want to come watch or participate it goes Saturday at 10am at Cornwall Crossfit 16 Second Street East.

Be Great!