Out With The Old….

This one is a bit different from my usual posts.  My thoughts on the closing of the Si Miller and Bob Turner arenas and how they can teach us a lesson.

On Sunday I had the chance to play my final hockey game at the Si Miller Arena and it was special for me since my grandfather not only played there to but won championships in that old barn as part owner of the Cornwall Royals (1972) and as a player earlier on (1940-ish) winning an Allan Cup.  I had a moment of pause for him as I skated around for warmup. There are many great memories in that old barn.  Mine come from my minor hockey days, I scored my first ever goal there.  Was on the broadcast team for Colts championship runs and played in many charity events.  When I used to run into Si Miller himself he would always tell me how odd it was to hear me read his name on the old Jewel 1220AM after the Colts played when referring to the arena.

The Bob Turner Memorial Centre is also being shut down shortly and that barn has more personal memories for me since my entire CMHA career was in there plus tournaments.  For me the fondest memory I leave there is seeing my son score his first career goal there just over a month ago.  While it is time for new facilities in Cornwall I was loving those cold evenings in the rink watching him play in the same barn I did when I was his age.  Two summers ago both my son and daughter played ball hockey there. 

As the curtain closes on these historic barns I will look back on them fondly and speak well of them.  BUt as the new Benson Centre prepares to open I am anxious to see what memories we can create moving forward in our new state of the art facility.

It will take time for some to accept that the regular arenas we’ve known for a long time are gone and will feel a little awkward going to a different location but they know deep down it is for the best and necessary for the sport scene in Cornwall.

The same goes for us in life.  We are used to the same old, same old and when we make a change it feels awkward at first.  But we know the change is for the better so we work hard and stick with it. 

If you’re at that point in your life where you need to make that change because the “old” ways are not working for you, take the leap and you’ll be glad you did.

Be Great!



Danimal’s 100 Day Burpee Challenge: Day 25

Alright kids, be honest.  How is still with me and timed their 25?  I have received one response so far?  There has to be more than one person doing it with me?  Reply to this post with your time or honest exit.

We’re a quarter of the way there!

Be Great!


How’s Your Diet And Support Staff?

My family was away for the March Break and I had to stay behind due to work obligations.  It sucked not being able to go to Florida but at the same time I was anxious to see what living alone for a week after 15 years would feel like.  The answer: Shitty!

I realized all the things that make me tick start at home.  My wife, my kids and the basic “routine” that is my life.  It got thrown out the window for 8 days and it didn’t completely fall apart but it was “off” for sure.

Many times you will hear me preach about diet being 80% of the battle and it is.  You can work your ass off at the gym but if you keep shovelling crap down your gullet it will catch up to you either in weight gain (fat) or in disease or sickness, lack of energy, bad skin, I could go on here.  Nailing down good eating habits is the hardest thing to do.  It took me almost 2 years to re-program myself to eat well all the time.  I busted my ass in the gym but would get frustrated when the results weren’t coming and Tyler would say “Is your diet on lockdown?”  Even when I lied and said yes, he knew I was full of it…but he let me learn my lesson and I am better for it now.

The other part of changing your lifestyle with better eating habits is the support you get.  My wife and my kids have been amazing in this department from Celine cooking me Paleo meals to the kids reminding me I cannot eat something because there is sugar in it.  I took some flack from friends and colleagues at first (and still do sometimes) but once you start feeling good and strong and healthy you learn to ignore those comments.  You have to be mentally prepared to take some ribbing while you make these changes because of the way people are being taught to eat through marketing and media.  Most of the ribbing I get now is just plain fun to be honest since most people cannot deny the dedication and transformation I have accomplished over the past 3 years.  Oh ya, it takes time to change one’s lifestyle and it does not happen overnight….ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

Back to my original thought…bachelorhood.  Truth be told I missed the family like crazy, ate like crap on the weekends and after cutting out beer completely since January 5th I had…let’s say enough, while the fam was away.

It made me realize how much everything is connected and that routine that sometimes drives you nuts is the very thing that keeps you in check. 

First you owe it to yourself to give at all you’ve got and for Pete’s sake believe in yourself, none of this I can’t crap!  Having support at home and from your friends and family are paramount.  They can help you get through some of the tough parts.  The ones who poke fun and mock don’t understand what you’re going through and even though it can be hard, you need to ignore them.  They will eventually get it.

If you’ve been on the fence, get off today and start living that life you always wanted.  Good eating habits, a little hard work and lots of love and support can and will get you there.

Be great!


My 405lbs Backsquat

Find Your Inner Warrior

As I hit Monday and pondered what to write about I read Tyler’s blog at www.cavemanstrong.com and thought it was worth sharing and commenting on.

Here is the link to the article:


I see our hunt happening in the grocery store and at local farms.  Our hunt is under much safer conditions which is why we hit the gym to achieve the “warrior” body”.  The harder quest in my humble opinion is finding that warrior spirit.  Understanding why we train, why we eat well and why by doing so we can inspire and motivate other.  Just doing because you know or read its healthy is easy.  Digging into it and doing for YOU, allowing it to transform who you are for the better, not just physically, but mentally is the real challenge.  When you are grounded, centered or whatever you want to call it, people around you will be influenced by your positive energy and attitude.  Hitting the gym and eating well does not just change a person’s appearance, it changes a person and the ripple effect can be far reaching.  Tyler posted some pictures he liked…so I am too.

A real life warrior or hunter-gatherer...hunt, eat, sleep, repeat.


Captain Caveman...I love this guy!


On the lighter side, I am inserting a Jersey Shore reference here.  I have NEVER watched the show but do not live under a rock.  In Tyler’s article he talks about our philosophy as; EAT, TRAIN, SLEEP, REPEAT.  We live in the real world while our Jersey Shore friends live by Gym, Tanning and Laundry…which would you rather live in?

Be Great!


It’s Not About Them, It’s About YOU!!!!

With spring around the corner I thought it was time to try to inspire you to change with the season.  You see, getting fit is not about your parents, friends, family, kids, wife, co-workers, its about YOU.  How bad do you want it.  The people I mentioned before YOU can’t go to the gym for you, or get you there.  YOU have to make the choice and get there.  Do others play a role…YES…they help motivate, inspire and encourage your efforts with their support but it ultimately lies with YOU. 

NEWS FLASH…when you first start it will suck and it will be difficult but how long have you let yourself get deconditioned.  Suck it up buttercup and keep working for it…enjoy the ride with its ups and downs.  Does it get easy…NEVER…but it does get better.

I have taken this journey and have gone from 350lbs to 260lbs through lifestyle change (no fad diet) and honest hard work at the gym.  I tried most of the fad diets and they most often do not lead to a complkete lifestyle change. I still have some hill to climb and some exercises to get done prescribed but I have learned to love the journey and allow myself to be humbled and check my ego at the door.  Some things I am really good at and other I still need to work at but I love the challenge.  It’s like golf…you play a round and shoot 103, 102, 103, 101 and then you break 100 with a 97!  Did you enjoy golfing the other rounds over 100, yes.  Did that score over 100 make you want to hit the links again to break 100, yes.  Then you try to break 90 and 80 etc…The same applies at the gym.  Some days you kick ass and leave a badass and some days it hands you your ass on a plate, well done!  But that makes you want to go back and be better.

It all comes down to you and enjoying that journey and being honest with yourself on the way in as to what kind of journey you’re gonna have.  Don’t let defeat or something hard get you down, use it to motivate you to worker hard to be better next time.

I took my journey from fat to fit with determination and I was ready for the challenge.  It was my son who was 4 at the time who inspired me to do it.  He drew a picture of the family at school.  We were all stick figures and my wife looked at the picture and said” Max, Mom is not pregnant?” to which he replied “that’s not you mom, it’s dad”.  One of the stick figures had a belly drawn on it. I remember at that exact moment how I felt that I had let myself get to the point where my 4 year old son saw me as a fat man.  A feeling I never want to experience again.  Thankfully, now he thinks I am one of the strongest men on the planet.  I’ll take that in his world over the fat man I was 3 years ago.

What motivation do YOU need to make that change?  Not just if you feel heavier than you want but just to be healthier and lead by example and taking care of yourself through exercise and proper eating.

One comment I hear a lot from people is, “I don’t have time to go the gym”, for 95% of people this is simply put, bullsh*t.  When you’re hungry you eat, when you’re tired you sleep, when you feel like going out for supper you do, when you feel like buying something new you do…you get the picture.  If you really want to go to the gym and get healthy you MAKE time.   It becomes part of a schedule you adhere to.

Next up is “I can’t afford it” Again for some this is a true reason but for most it becomes a budgeting thing.  Trim some of the restaurant supper, a weekend bender and a few other luxuries each month a voila…gym membership money.

It happens often when I am out somewhere, people come up to me and just start confessing how bad they eat.  I didn’t even say anything but they know they need to make a change.

Look deep inside and find it and do it for YOU.  The husband, wife, kids, friends, family, co-workers will all benefit from your choice and support you…who knows, you could even motivate someone else too?

Be Great!


Danimal’s 100 Day Burpee Challenge


The challenge is on folks!  I have a list of over 20 participants and it can still grow!  Feel free to comment and challenge others to join too.  It’s not too late.  If you buy in today you just have to start with 6 burpees (3 for day three plus 2 for day two and 1 for day one=6).  It is never too late to buy in but the sooner the better.  You also do not need a gym to do these.  They can be done at home or outside when the weather clears.  Challenge yourself!

Here are the rules:

Increase one burpee per day for 100 days. So 1 on day one, 2 on day two and 3 on day three…you get picture.

On day 25, 50, 75 and 100 you must do them for time and post it on FB and message me. Other days you can break them up as long as you complete the number required. If you miss a day, the burpees you miss must be made up the next time you resume (miss day 53, on day 54 you must do 107). Don’t miss too many days 😉 Once this is all done on Day 100 we can decide whether or not we want to gather and celebrate.

Day 25 – March 24th
Day 50 – April 18th
Day 75 – Friday May 13th!
Day 100 – June 7th (Tuesday)

Here is the list of participants:

  1. Connie Brisson
  2. Carol-Lynn Page
  3. Lance Markell
  4. Brian Dickie
  5. Linda Dickie
  6. Andree Markell and two of her Phys. Ed classes
  7. Marc Mainville
  8. Hugh Primeau
  9. Josianne Secours
  10. Dave Boltz
  11. Annie Boltz
  12. Nat Cote
  13. Vanessa Regnier
  14. Mireille Lemire
  15. Eric Bergeron
  16. Thorin Gault
  17. Al Charbonneau
  18. Denis Champagne
  19. Tania Lalonde Keenan and family
  20. Chris Filion plus 2 kids
  21. Kara Filion
  22. Michelle Longtin
  23. Vance Desaulniers
  24. Frank Burelle
  25. Kristine Otto
  26. Alyssa Blais
  27. Sylvain Martin
  28. Chris Munro
  29. Nicole Cayer
  30. Marc Legault
  31. Jason Jesmer
  32. Melanie Alguire
  33. Lisa Liboiron
  34. Shelby Liboiron

There is still room for more so if I missed you or you want in email me and I will add you to the list.

Good luck all!