Forget The Scale And Focus On How You Look and Feel

One of the biggest mistakes people make is setting a goal weight on the scale.  In my opinion that is what is wrong with Weight Watchers, fad diets, magic pills and all the flippin’ media around weight loss.  When weight comes off without the muscle build you become weak and sick.  If someone who weighs 250lbs has a goal of 180 pounds and loses 70 through some of the fad diets and reaches his/her goal they will be thinner but uber weak as well.  Take that same person and offer them a lifestyle change when it comes to eating habits and throw in a minimum of 3 days a week strength training they would hit 200 and be healthier, happier and stronger.

You see pounds on the scale are a bad barometer for success.  Instead, focus on your body composition, inch loss or gains (depending on where you are in your training program) and how much heavier the weight you use is or how much higher you jump or how much more efficient you are at performing tasks.  I encourage people to take pictures at the beginning of each Foundation program and again after just 4 weeks of training.  Many times people focus on the weight loss and forget that the inches off make all the difference, let alone they can lift almost double what they were able to on night one.  Pants and shirts fit better, taking out the trash is no longer “hard” or “tiring”.  You are always up to try a new activity whether it be social walks at night or taking an afternoon to go hiking.  That is success my dear friends, not a number on the scale.  Work on strength and the rest will come with proper eating habits.  Fuel the machine and it will respond.  Don’t break your body down with 60 minute cardio marathons which do nothing but burn some of the muscle you’re trying to gain.

I watched an episode of the Biggest Loser from last season and the final four had each lost between 90 and 115lbs.  Sounds impressive until the put them on a golf course and handed them a golf bag with weighted flag sticks with the weight they lost each week.  They had to walk 18 holes and drop the weighted flag stick at each hole.  Off they went onto the first green walking 400 yards with 90 to 115lbs in the bag they were carrying.  Two of them barely made it and needed the help of paramedics.  This was on the show!!!!  You call that success????  They were weak and sick after all that ridiculous training where the goal is to thin them out and not strengthen them…I had to change the channel.

I would always rather lose 2 pounds and 7 inches and lose 7 pounds and 2 inches.  I did a fad diet many years ago and am about 25-30 pounds heavier than at the completion of that program BUT my waist in 2 inches smaller, chest is 3 inches bigger than then and I am waaaaay stronger and feel great each day.  On that other program there was little to no strength training and all the weight I lost included plenty of muscle.

Toss the scale aside and focus on the inches, your lifts and how you feel.  Success is never in numbers on a scale but in that face (and body) in the mirror looking back at you.  If you feel great then you don’t need a scale to make you happy.  Work hard, eat right, be honest with yourself, block out those who try to tell you otherwise and focus on the positives around you from the energy to the people.

Also, SMILE for Pete’s sake.  Be happy and stop walking around like you’re the only one with sh*t to deal with.  Project onto others what you want in return.  Life is short, play hard, work hard, smile, focus on the positives, tackle your sh*itty days head on, dance when the rhythm moves you and hug those who make you feel good. 

Can you feel it now?  If not, get rid of that effin scale!

Be Great!



Stop Pointing The Finger! Look In The Mirror

Welcome to summer folks.  Don’t be afraid to get out into that sun and soak up the Vitamin D, your body will thank you.  Don’t burn, just get a good 15-20 minutes of direct sun to feed the system, especially if you are not taking any Vitamin D3 supplements.

This morning at Caveman Strong a member brought he sister in to join and with no questions asked she signed up for a month.  Without approaching the siblings I am guessing she has been hearing her sister talk about how good she feels and grew curious about this Cave she comes to 4-5 days a week that has her buzzing.  There are other stories of similar themes from husband and wife to daughter mother to father daughter to just good friends.  The bottom line is you need to do this for YOU and no one else.  It’s important to make time for yourself and rediscover what it is to love yourself and have some personal time.  The sooner we connect or reconnect with ourselves the easier it is to make time for the kids, spouse, friends or meetings and sometimes annoying tasks or requests. 

Taking that hour or more each day to condition your body to be stronger and more efficient, eating the right things to fuel the vessel that gets you through each day not only makes you happier, but your sunny disposition rubs off on others.  You’ ve heard the saying “Success breeds success”, well I say “Happiness breeds Happiness”.

Sure there are curveballs thrown at us all the time to try to mess with our jolly mojo but most of the time we need to deal with it and not project it onto others.  They did nothing.  Try this next time you are shopping or at the corner store or getting a coffee and the person serving you is in what appears to be a bad mood.  Smile at them and be polite when ordering and ask them how they’re doing.  Most of the time you’ll see their disposition change because people treat them like a servant and don’t treat them like people, or maybe their better half pissed them off in the morning.  Show them a bright smile and the fact you appreciate them there to help you and it will come back two fold.

On top of your time at the gym, go for a walk, read a book, chill with some tunes or whatever relaxes you and recharge the batteries.  The happier you are with YOU the better you project onto others and they will then look to you and see what makes you so happy and try the same.

Remember it is about YOU, YOU are important, YOU deserve happiness, and believe it or not YOU can control that level with what YOU do.  Take some time to reflect and you will spot the negative things around YOU and can make changes to reduce them or cut them out completely.

Time to stop pointing the finger and find your true happy place and stay there.



When The Going Gets Tough…Kick It In The Nuts And Keep Going!!

It’s Prowler max day at Caveman Strong today and there will be some people who quit before they hit their true max because something stops them from digging deep.  You know what I mean.  When things get tough true champions and people who succeed go to another place where they can ignore the pain and find another breath when there is little left…I like to call it “EMPTY THE TANK”.  Take all you have left and leave it on the floor.

But Dan, it’s hard…NO SHIT!  If the WODs at Caveman Strong were easy people would stop coming because there would be no results, no fun, no success, no achievements.  For that 45 minutes everyday people come and push themselves as hard as possible, some more than others.  I know it can be tough doing it everyday but that’s what makes it so alluring, challenging, is finding that extra gear that stays hidden unless you go get it.

If you’re gonna spend your hard-earned money to go to the gym, work your freakin ass off every time you go.  Easy is for *#^%@#** (horrible words can fit there , pick one), hard is for people who want nothing short of success, results and to become a champion. 

By champion I am not talking about an award winner, I am talking about that person at the gym you look at who gives all everytime they are there and you look at them and think “man I wish I had his/her energy”.  That person is not always a chiseled specimen either, it can be some large who is grinding it out losing weight and getting stronger (I know I’ve been there).  Their times are longer but man they work!  Maybe it’s the mother of two coming back after just having the second child, or the 3 kids mom in her 40’s who looks like she never had kids.  The list of examples goes on and on.  Those people get results because they work hard, it wasn’t easy.  It hurt some days, they felt like quitting some days,they felt like skipping a day (not a rest, just puss out) BUT THEY DIDN’T…THEY CAME.

If you want easy then hit a globo gym and ride the recumbent bike while watching Oprah reruns.  If you want success, results and fun come to Caveman Strong and work hard.

Life outside the gym gets better for people who push themselves there and lift heavy shit on a regular basis.  It can make taking the stairs easier, maybe its carrying your 2 year old daughter in one hand and three bags of groceries in the other.  Whatever your example is, it works.

You work your ass off at the gym to make life better, not easier just better.  So today and any other day, focus on finding the extra gear and get through the pain and the extra breath and fight to the end.  You are competing against yourself but every now and then it feels good to beat someone else at the gym or lift heavier.  It’s ok to feel that way now and then, we all do it, just internally, it’s human nature.  Compete and compete hard, mostly with yourself.

When the going gets tough…kick it in the nuts and keep going!!!!  Success, results and a better quality of life are waiting on the other side.

My sign off never meant more than it does with this post (and I remind you every week)