Blog Break During Fitness Focus: October Summary

It came to my attention over the weekend that I had not blogged even once in October.  People who come here regularly know I ama minimum once a week blogger.  My excuse is weak however I believe it to be valid.  My last post saw me launch a personal paleo challenge and this past weekend marked the end with my birthday weekend getaway in Mont Tremblant.  I still need to get measured but I lost a total of 15lbs since late September and feel great.  As I sit here today I am back on the paleo train and plan on staying on with one treat meal per week with no end date.  My goal is to make this the final blog post about how I feel so good and energetic when I eat clean and regret falling to 80-20 or 70-30.  I am still chasing the ultimate goal and the blips need to end. 

On the weekend, we were in Tremblant with 3 other couples for a getaway and on Saturday morning we hiked for a little over 2 hours on Mont Tremblant.  I am pleased to say on my 38th birthday I was able to walk up a mountain and dredge through some crappy terrain with relative ease.  I was breathing heavy a few times but the body held up fine and all the strength work in the gym paid off with little to no soreness afterwards.  I am bringing out an old statement here but I will have done more between the age of 35 and 50 than 20 and 35.  I would have NEVER agreed to a hiking trip on my 25th birthday…sad I know.


I spent a day at Carleton Place High School teaching olympic lifting and seeing the interest and effort from the close to 75 students I saw that day was more than energizing as a coach.  My hat is off to coach-teacher Brian Dickie who has developed one hell a program out there which should be replicated across the province and country.  Nice work coach!

I continue to accept private clients.  My schedule becomes a bit more flexible in November so if you are interested in seeing what I can do for you call or email me and we can set up a free consultation.  613.360.7373… .  Testimonials from current clients coming soon.

I am also helping finalize the Caveman Strong school program.  This week I will be contacting local schools to try to get them on the strength training bandwagon and help the students gain more than just better health and strength but self-confidence and belief as well as an increased focus level for their studies.  Interested teachers feel free to contact me if it takes me a while to get to you.

That`s my quick hit for October and I will definitely be more active here moving forward.  Thanks for sticking it out and I hope to see you at the gym.

I leave you with a great pic and saying Céline found on the web…let it sink in….

Be Great!



One Comment on “Blog Break During Fitness Focus: October Summary”

  1. Thanks for sharing your fitness tips blog. I think to be good fitness we should take care of our meal diet……
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