Your New Healthier Lifestyle Begins With A Solid Foundation

I know there are many of you out there who want to start eating better, who want to start exercising regularly, who dream of a leaner, stronger body.  It can all be done with the proper focus and determination along with the right guidance and group surrounding you making some of those tougher days a bit easier.  I have never once even suggested a lifestyle change it easy, it`s not, it takes work, sacrifice discipline and a good support network.  Now is the time to stop thinking about it and take action, YOU are worth it, YOU deserve it, YOU are ready and YOU can and WILL do it.

Enter the Caveman Strong Foundation program for beginners.  This 4 week 12 session package tackles everything the beginner needs when entering the cave (gym).  The program is designed to test you from day one and track your progress over the 4 week period so you can see and feel the results.  The Foundation program covers all the bases with explicit detail on technique for all squat variations (body weight, goblet, split, back, front, overhead) as well as many other movements.  It also covers the basics of the Paleo diet to get you on your way to better eating habits.  A new feature will be some mobility work to help you move properly as well as make people more flexible and functional and moving the way they were designed to move.  The mobility side of things can help reduce or eliminate lower back pain, knee pain and other small aches and restrictions.

I look forward to working with you and getting you on route to the health and fitness you`ve been thinking about.  The important part is remembering to enjoy the journey.  Don`t forget how long it took to get you in your current condition and be prepared to work for 4 weeks and beyond to get to that end goal.  This 4 week program is the foundation to the new healthier lifestyle and it can start right now.  Park the excuses at the door and jump right in…you`ll be glad you did.

Here are a few testimonials from previous Foundation grads:

“The coaches are all encouraging and helpful, a big reason why I have stuck with it following the Foundation program and continue to grow at it.
Kevin Hargreaves

“Had it not been for the Foundation class, I wouldn’t have joined Caveman Strong. I would have been way too intimidated. I had no experience doing anything that they do. I was out of shape. The Foundation program gave me confidence I needed to feel I could participate in regular classes. It’s a great way to kick start your new life, change your lifestyle and become a better you.”
Anne Marie Cote

“The Foundation program was tough and fun and I looked forward to it each night. The cost of the program in relation to how much healthier I am now compared to when I took Foundation is priceless.
Darcy Aitkins

“One word to describe Caveman Strong Foundation would be – transforming. The program allows you to develop skills, sort out your weaknesses and strengths and builds confidence. The coaches take the time to teach the proper techniques and notice the slightest changes in lifts, squats and speed and are always pushing you towards progress.”
Vanessa Regnier
See you all at the gym.

Be Great!



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