Hey Coach! How About Less Injuries and More Wins For Your Team…Let`s Talk Strength Training

Winning teams in any league comes down to the same things no matter the level or age group.  Skill + Strength + Chemistry (team work) + Least amount of injuries.

The strongest team always wins since they can stay healthy and learn how to work together for an extended period of time.  A strong healthy player is less likely to be injured.

How is your team`s off ice or off field or off court training system…does it simply involve more conditioning or do you help your player develop the strength necessary to get to the next level.  A lot of teams do `dry land`training all wrong and run their athletes into the ground.  Athletes should be lifting and working on overall strength to compliment the skill and conditioning they get through regular team practices and games.  Another problem is that many so-called pre season strength camps run for 4-8 weeks and are done.  If you want to be the best at your given sport whether it be individual or team oriented you need to train 12 months a year.

Let`s focus on the injuries for a moment…if your athletes are weak and cardioed to death in practice and show up for a game in a weakened state they are being set up to get hurt with a groin pull, knee sprain or some type of avoidable shoulder injury.  The stronger players who have worked on strength and putting on a bit more muscle can come away from those closed calls injury free thanks to their bodies being more resistant.  I`m not referring to injuries where a player falls on someone leg or a wicked slash to the forearm, just heat of the action movement type injuries.  At the high school or college level the need for this is greater since most of the day these athletes are sitting in class not moving, then all of a sudden they are going balls out at practice or a game…not the ideal pregame prep.

Where do the extra wins come from then…well, if the team stays healthy they can play and practice together all year-long rather than have some missing puzzle pieces during the year.  Also, adding strength to any athletes improves his or her confidence level and that translates into performance in their chosen sport.  A team working out together at the gym to build overall team confidence and that team chemistry all coaches look for will grow as the athletes continue to work together at the gym and celebrate each others successes.  They will realize as everyone gets stronger, they as a group, get stronger.

To have all of this success requires the proper supervision and programming from a certified strength coach or trainer.  It`s not just hit the gym and lift…there are proven methods and specific lifts that will benefit some sports more than others.  It`s organized and goal oriented. Not a bunch of teens going in to try to see who can bench more.  It needs focus.

Caveman Strong has such a program in place for teams willing to come in and get their team to the next level.  Each athlete receives a $125 value for just $32 each month which includes one full team workout and 2 passes for the rest of the week to come in on their own and do some homework.  If you are interested in having your team come in give me a shout 613.360.7373 or email me at dan@cavemanstrong.com .

I am also accepting small groups of up to football players who want to start preparing for next season now to play at  a higher level, reduce the risk of injury or simply crush the opposition.  Those rates can be discussed with me at the same contact info. 

Be Great!

Dan Allaire


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