The Journey To A Better You Starts With A Mirror Not A Scale

Too often people use a scale to determine whether they are healthy or not.  Truth be told the scale is not an indicator of your health level.  That number you are obsessing over, more often than not, is just that…a number.  Instead of looking down, look up and into the mirror to judge how healthy you are.

The definition of healthy should go beyond what foods you eat.  It should include how often do you exercise, what kind of people are you surrounding yourself with, your job and your hobbies and pass times.  Are you starting to see a clearer picture of health?  It goes deeper than pounds and inches, it is about finding your true self.  It is about looking in the mirror and liking who and what is looking back at you.  If you are happy with you, your job, your hobbies and are surrounded by positive supportive people everything can and will fall into place.

You spend plenty of time taking care of family, friends, making the boss or co-workers happy, it is time to focus on you.  Give yourself a four week challenge to eat better (try avoiding or at least cutting down sugar, grains and dairy), get more exercise in and evaluate who around you are the positive inlfuences and spend more time with them.  Take more time for yourself and make sure there is at least two hours in the day dedicated to you.  The first can be for some exercise while the other can be of the more relaxing variety like curling up with a good book, taking a nature walk or just relaxing with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

The more you take care of yourself, the better you will be able to care for and influence those around you.  When we focus on oursleves a bit and watch what we eat, exercise our bodies properly and enjoy life and the company we keep does that number on the scale really matter.  If your clothes fit a bit better, your enjoying the new foods to get there, your overall mood has been better and you cannot wait to see what a few more weeks or months of this will do for you…does it really matter what that number on the scale is?  NO.

Focus on the journey and not that number and you will get to that ideal you that you may have been chasing for a while now.  The word YOU is used a lot here for a very specific reason…this all starts and finishes with YOU!  YOU are worth it, YOU can do it!

Be Great!

Dan Allaire


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